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We started Web Teaching Day with a simple idea –
wouldn’t it be good to hear how others are doing this?

The consensus seems to be that teaching web design/development is something of a nightmare with the standards, practices and technologies being in a constant state of flux. By asking others to share their practices and experiences we thought that we could all improve our own teaching. Turns out we were right!

We started in 2010 and have managed to run various sized events most years. 2015 saw an excellent mini day conference at Greenwich, 2016 was a simple meet-up and 2017 was a lively gathering in Manchester. We skipped 2018 and were back for 2019. Whatever happened the response was always positive – a chance to share your practices, thoughts and ideas with peers and friends.

Web Teaching Day

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Web Teaching Day - we started in 2010 and ran a number of successful days over the years. Thanks to everyone who joined us. I (Richard) retire tomorrow. I've handed over the website and will do with this account. Please keep talking and sharing your web teaching experiences. TTFN

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