• the day: 13th June 2019
  • the place: The Shed Manchester Metropolitan University John Dalton West, Chester Street Manchester M1 5GD

Meet-up for coffee

From 9 am meet at Costa Coffee (upstairs), Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 5QA

Corner of Oxford Road and Chester Street, not far from Oxford Road train station.


Welcome & the Magic Marking Machine!

Richard Eskins and Derren Wilson

A short welcome followed by an update on what is happening and what we are doing at MMU. As the plug gets pulled on our BSc Web Development we enter exciting times delivering front-end skills on the Technical Solutions IT Apprentice degree, front-end and UX on a new UX apprentice degree and start to develop a new Web Design and UX undergraduate programme to be housed in the new School of Digital Arts (SODA). What with Derren’s magic marking machine, and a move to GitHub what could possibly go wrong?


Art Direction for the Web

Andy Clarke

Following the publication of Andy’s new book, Art Direction for the Web we’ve asked Andy to discuss how we can bring this into the classroom.




Short Q&A following Andy’s talk.


Something to do with UX (and other stuff)

Chris Murphy

Chris will be talking about his lates book (and other stuff). he will swear.




Short Q&A following Chris’ talk.


Vital key areas of knowledge most ‘web-designers’ still are unaware of

Michael R. Lorek

With 99.7% of businesses in the UK being small and medium enterprises, it becomes obvious that the majority of websites won’t be build agency driven, but based on a small budgets by little teams or even more likely a ‘one-man-band web-designer’. This means not only having a grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript with touch of graphic design but also on UX, security and regulations. In fact most ‘web-designers’ quickly become also the SME’s tech adviser in nearly everything business related.
In this presentation we will look at the clients needs and approaches in a wider scope as usually being taught to ‘web-designer’ and will see the root of the desire having a website, the need of identifying most appropriate technologies, requirements and workflows enabling the SME’s business to flourish.

Discussion & morning wrap up


Short Q&A following Michael’s talk and wrap up for the morning.



We will adjourn to a local cafe to let everyone buy some lunch. The discussions will continue.


The missing pieces: teaching the legal side of web development

Heather Burns

Heather is working on a new course teaching law to web developers. She is keen to get everyone’s thoughts and perspectives.


Failing like a pro

Crispin Read

Why do we fear failure? For most people failure is a bad thing, something to be avoided at all costs but I strongly disagree. I’d like to share my outlook on failure in the workplace, throughout my personal life, and, most importantly, in my role as an educator.


Liberating the Lifeworld from the System: How can we fix collaborative distance learning?

Joe Appleton



Jennifer Mackown




Are networking and “real-world” experience overrated?

Martin Reid

The importance of ‘real-world’ skills and connections within the industry is increasing in the Higher Education sector, fuelled by the discourse on the current role of universities, student finance, apprenticeships and not to mention the more recent recommendations in Augar report on post-18 education.

We guide and encourage our students to get out there, engage and network within the digital industries. We want our students to be intrinsically motivation, network, collaborate, gain work experience and have the ability to be independent lifelong learners.
The question is, does it matter if students don’t network or engage in the “real-world” experience? Not all students are enthusiastic about embracing these opportunities for various reasons and it is common to find a core group who get involved in everything, but how does this relate to the industry is it the case that here too, only a small group are interested in collaboration and building a sense of community?

All Change!

David Watson

Higher education has changed, students have changed, and we must change too. Rethinking web design education, 16 years on.

David is one of the co-founders of Web Teaching.



Anyone we missed

A spot for anyone who has something to add or a chance to catch up as we will no doubt run late.


Wrap up


The last hour of discussion to wrap up the day if people are happy to stay.


Dinner - Those staying - will just meet up somewhere local

Those of us left or are staying in Manchester, we will find somewhere to eat and to carry on the conversations.

Next day

Friday morning: Breakfast meet-up and discussion

For those still in Manchester

Next day – 9.30am-1pm

And finally, the next day. Each year we have run Web Teaching, a single day has only just started the discussions. On Friday anyone who wants to can meet for breakfast/coffee to continue until they need to leave.

Location to be agreed on Thursday.

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